Mysticism to the mystic is both science and religion.

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Mysticism to the mystic is both science and religion.

Bowl of Saki, October 17, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

What we generally know as the breath is that little inhaling and exhaling
which we feel through the nostrils. We think that is breath and attach
little importance to it, while in reality, breath is a life-current running
through the innermost part of man’s being towards the surface. It would be
no exaggeration, according to the mystical point of view, to say that the
breath connects heaven and earth. …

For the mystic, breath is not only a science, but the knowledge of breath
is mysticism, and mysticism to the thinker is both science and religion.
The mystery of breath is not a thing that can be comprehended by the brain
only. The principles of mysticism rise from the heart of man. They are
learned by intuition and proved by reason. …

If we consider the conditions of life today, we see that, however much man
thinks he has progressed, certain aspects of life are neglected in the way
of health, repose, balanced thinking, and in the way of kindness and love
to one another. All these things are lacking, and the spirit of the present
time seems to be going in quite the opposite direction.

Selfishness seems to be so much on the increase. Real religion, the spirit
of forgiveness, generous giving, regard for old age, refinement, culture —
all seem to be disappearing. Man in general, does not know even if there is
a God or Truth. If this is the spirit, how can we expect to find that
harmony, peace and love, which make heaven on earth?

It is useless to discuss the peace of the world. What is necessary just now
is to create peace in ourselves that we, ourselves, become examples of
love, harmony and peace. That is the only way of saving the world and


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