The principles of mysticism

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The principles of mysticism rise from the heart of man; they are learnt by
intuition and proved by reason.

Bowl of Saki, October 18, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

One might ask why man has lost that intuitive faculty. It is because he has
become so absorbed in material gain that he has become, as it were,
intoxicated by the worldly life; and intuition, which is his birthright and
his own property, has been lost from view. This does not mean that it is
gone from him, only that it has become buried in his own heart.

We are vehicles or instruments that respond. If we respond to goodness,
goodness becomes our property. If we respond to evil, then evil becomes our
property. If we respond to love, then love becomes our possession. If we
respond to hatred, hatred becomes our life. And if we respond to the things
of the earth so much that our whole life becomes absorbed in worldly
things, then it is quite natural that we should not respond to those riches
which are within us

As soon as intuition springs up, reason, its competitor, rises also and
says, ‘No, it is not so.’ Then there is conflict in the mind and it is hard
to distinguish, because there are two feelings at the same time. If one
makes a habit of catching the first intuition and saving it from being
destroyed by reason, then intuition is stronger and one can benefit by it.
There are many intuitive people, but they cannot always distinguish between
intuition and reason and sometimes they mix them up, for very often the
second thought, being the last, is more clear to one than the first.
Therefore, the intuition is forgotten and reason remembered. Then a person
calls it intuition and it is not so.

Reason and intuition are two competitors, and yet both have their place,
their importance, and their value. The best thing would be first to try and
catch the intuition and distinguish and know and recognize it as intuition;
and then to reason it out.

The principles of mysticism rise from the heart of man. They are learned by
intuition and proved by reason. This is not only faith, though it is born
of faith: it is faith with proof.

My intuition, has thou ever deceived me? No, never. It is my reason which
so often deludes me, for it comes from without; thou art rooted within my


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