All forms of worship or prayer

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All forms of worship or prayer must draw man closer to God.

Bowl of Saki, October 22, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Man breathes, but he does not breathe rightly. As the rain falls on the
ground and matures little plants and makes the soil fertile, so the breath,
the essence of all energy, falls as a rain on all parts of the body. This
also happens in the case of the mind, but man cannot even perceive that
part of the breath that quickens the mind; only that felt in the body is
perceptible, and to the average man it is not even perceptible in the body.
He knows nothing of it, except what appears in the form of inhalation and
exhalation through the nostrils. It is this, alone which is generally meant
when man speaks of breath.

When we study the science of breath, the first thing we notice is that
breath is audible; it is a word in itself, for what we call a word is only
a more pronounced utterance of breath fashioned by the mouth and tongue. In
the capacity of the mouth breath becomes voice, and therefore the original
condition of a word is breath. Therefore if we said: ‘First was the
breath’, it would be the same as saying; ‘In the beginning was the word’.

The first life that existed was the life of God, and from that all
manifestation branched out. It is a manifold expression of one life: one
flower blooming as so many petals, one breath expressing itself as so many
words. The sacred idea attached to the lotus flower, is expressive of this
same philosophy. It is symbolizing the many lives in the one God, and
expressed in the Bible in the words: ‘In God we live and move and have our
being’. When man is separated from God in thought, his belief is of no use
to him, his worship is but of little use to him; for all forms of worship
or belief should draw man closer to God, and that which makes man separate
from God has no value.


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