Evenness of Vision

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What is needed is to rightly understand and be continuously aware of the Lord as always present, everywhere present, and as present in everything and all. This is an expansion in understanding. Once this takes place, automatically the range and measure of worship also will instantly change. In place of having a chosen idol for worship, thereby separating the Lord from all else, the seeker will be able to identify Him properly as one and all, always, and ‘unmissable’. What a great correction, elevation and expansion will that be!

Instead of seeing the Lord in the idol alone, the seeker should continuously see the Lord in all the things the eyes glimpse around. The Lord does not have any parts, to make Himself an aggregate at all. He is everywhere, undividedly. Such a fine transparence is actually to be approached, felt and sensed in your heart, the centre and source of all sensations, rather than anywhere else.

The world hosts good and bad equally. Without bad, good will become irrelevant. So, have no undue clinging to either. Consider this attitude of evenness and ‘indifference’ to be the real worship of the Self within. This idea of worship will bring sublimity to your response to the opposites.

Lord Shiva adds that of all the things meant for worship of the Lord, this inner equalness, evenness in vision, is the best! See what a great place samya (evenness) has even in religious worship! This inner sublimity will transform everything into true nectar, ambrosia.

Any emotion or attitude is generated and displayed by the mind in the mind, and it is not the least different from the mind, its source. All are like multiple sparks, which are not different from the fire itself. Do not treat any emotion such as desire or hatred as different from the Self and hence do not heed or act upon it.

If at all you think of anything like worship, it should be the sublimation of all mind-modifications like desire, resentment, ease, unease and the like. The statement, though astounding to the core, is nevertheless the only truth!  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha (Excerpt from the book “Worshipping the Lord Within” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha)(c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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