The man filled with the knowledge

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The man filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity for
the knowledge of Truth.

Bowl of Saki, October 28, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

A man filled with earthly knowledge  and what he calls learning is often
only the knowledge of names and forms  has no capacity for the knowledge of
truth or God. It is the innocent and pure soul who has a capacity for
learning. When a person comes to take a lesson on any subject, and he
brings his own knowledge with him, the teacher has little to teach him, for
the doors of his heart are not open. His heart that should be empty in
order to receive knowledge is occupied by the knowledge that he already had

Intellect is the knowledge of names and forms, their character and nature,
gathered from the external world. It shows in an infant from birth, when he
begins to be curious about all he sees; then, by storing in his mind the
various forms and figures he sees he recognizes them as an addition to his
knowledge of variety. Man thus gathers the knowledge of numberless forms of
the whole world in his mind and holds them… and calls that ‘learning’.
This becomes his world, although it neither gives him a sense of unchanging
comfort, nor does he thereby gain an everlasting peace.

Wisdom is contrary to the above-named knowledge. It is the knowledge which
is illumined by the light within; it comes with the maturity of the soul,
and opens up the sight to the similarity of all things and beings, as well
as the unity in names and forms. The wise man penetrates the spirit of all
things; he sees the human in the male and female, and the racial origin
which unites nations. He sees the human in all people and the divine
immanence in all things in the universe, until the vision of the whole
being becomes to him the vision of the One Alone, the most beautiful and
beloved God.


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