Earthly knowledge is as clouds

November 3, 2013 Comments Off on Earthly knowledge is as clouds

Earthly knowledge is as clouds dimming the sight, and it is the breaking of
these clouds – in other words, purity of heart – that gives the capacity
for the knowledge of God to rise.

Bowl of Saki, October 31, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

We all are pupils, and what we can do in life is to qualify ourselves to
become true pupils. It is the receptivity of our heart and the passivity of
our mind, it is the eagerness, the thirst and hunger after truth, it is the
direction of our whole life to that Ideal from who all light and truth
come, that alone can bring us truth and the knowledge of God. All knowledge
of the earth is as clouds covering the sun. It is the breaking of these
clouds and clearness of the sky, or in other words the purity of heart,
which give the capacity for the knowledge of God.

How many things there are in life that we should be grateful for, but in
our troubles and in the miseries around us the things for which we should
be grateful are forgotten, and instead of thankfulness we develop an
ungrateful nature. The more complaining a person, the less gratitude he
shows in his nature, and the more his gratitude develops, the more he will
begin to understand. Sa’di says, ‘the sun, the moon, the planets, the air,
the water and the earth are all serving you, aiding life’s purpose and
preparing for your food. Yet you regard all this unthankfully, absorbed in
your own little troubles which are as nothing before the great forces of
nature, always working, night and day’. Our little troubles overwhelm and
disorder our life, and by our absorption we are robbed of the knowledge of
God’s perfection and greatness.


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