It is a patient pursuit to bring water

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It is a patient pursuit to bring water from the depth of the ground; one
has to deal with much mud in digging before one reaches the water of life.

Bowl of Saki, November 2, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Love is life, and life is symbolized by water. When one wants to bring
water up out of the ground one has to dig for it, and the first thing which
one finds is mud. And if one is disappointed by that, one has fooled
oneself, for beneath the earth is water; it can be found but one must have
patience to dig for it, to dig deep enough to find the water.

Some say, ‘I have loved dearly once, but I was disappointed.’ It is as if a
man were to say, ‘I dug in the earth, but when the mud came, I was
disappointed.’ It is true that mud came; but with patience, he will reach
the water one day. Only patience can endure. Only endurance produces

What, generally, man knows about love is the give and take:’ if you give me
twelve pence, I will give you a shilling.’ For as long as one sees life in
the form of business, in the form of give and take, he does not know love,
and it is a great pity, when, after knowing something of love, the heart
has turned cold and bitter. And what reason is there? The reason is this,
that when one digs the ground one must dig until the water comes. But if
one digs halfway, then there is no water, there is mud. But what is love?
Love is a continual sacrifice. And what does sacrifice mean? Sacrifice
means forgetting of the self.

~~~ “Religious Gathekas, #43, The Religion of the Heart”, by Hazrat Inayat
Khan (unpublished)


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