Does thought give security?

November 5, 2013 Comments Off on Does thought give security?

So does thought fundamentally, basically, give security, psychologically?  Thought has its place; but when thought assumes that it can bring about  psychological security then it is living in illusion. Thought wanting  ultimate security has created a thing called god; and humanity clings to  that idea. Thought can create every kind of romantic illusion. And when the  mind, psychologically, seeks security in the dogma of the Church, or some  other dogmatic assertion, or whatever it is, it is seeking security in the  structure of thought.
Thought is the response of experience and knowledge, stored up in the brain  as memory; that response is therefore always moving from the past. Now, is  there security in the past?   – Krishnamurti, The Wholeness of Life, p 160


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