Making Devotion Real and Factual

November 7, 2013 Comments Off on Making Devotion Real and Factual

Normally human mind is prone to be religious. And religiosity makes the mind rest upon the universal God. But usually this God is thought of at a very great distance far away from the earth. Nevertheless devotional offering is made to this God and devotional proximity is sought to be cultivated. The fact remains that the devotee remains separate and God remains separate. Not only that; while everything of the devotee is visible, personal, gross and experiential, everything about God is inexperiential, subtle, invisible and distant.

So the conflict always arises. ‘I am depending upon a God; where is that God I don’t know; it remains mysterious. So the devotional progress and the devotional depth, realism, fulfillment refuses to transpire in the devotee. So this distant God is to be brought nearer and nearer, closer and closer and He has to be installed in ones own heart.

Narada in Srimat Bhagavata and also Veda Vyasa continues to emphasize the fact that the presence of God is in every creature and being. And of all the beings the noble and good people are the best and the more adorable. The true devotee and the house-holder should share his food with the rest of the creatures. Bhagavata continues to say, the dog, the camel, the poorer people, the needy people, birds and animals all of them have to be given food. The householder should learn to share the food with the rest. While doing so he must also feel and understand that God is present in all of them and by feeding anybody he is feeding God. It is not an imaginary God that he is trying to propitiate at this stage; on the other hand he is looking at God who is evident and perceptible before him. So the imaginations are replaced by realities and factualities and there is a touch of realism and closeness in whatever is done.

Compassion is very important. Discipline is very important. A number of virtues and embellishments to make the mind peaceful, confident and joyous are necessary. I repeatedly think about these matters and come to the conclusion that ultimately we have only two kinds of mind; one is the pure, gentle noble, and feelingful mind and the other is the opposite one. When your mind becomes light, it becomes straightforward, sincere, zealous and pure. There is an expansion, there is a joy, and there is a fulfillment. You don’t have to doubt or look for anything, anywhere.

This purity and expansion helped by the intelligence, which intelligence goes on seeking information and enlightenment is one important factor that I would like all of you to imbibe from all these discussions. Only when your mind is pure you will have the feeling of peace, joy and expansion. If the mind is not pure there will be constriction, darkness ignorance and delusion. And the opportunity for making the mind pure is at every step in your life. Ever since you wake up till you go to bed and sink into sleep the opportunity, the facility the compulsion and persuasion, all are there to improve your mind and make it more pure, more expansive and more elevating. Try it at all times.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha (Excerpt from a morning message “Prabhata-rashmih” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha) (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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