Our soul is blessed

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Our soul is blessed with the impression of the glory of God whenever we
praise Him.

Bowl of Saki, November 6, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

There is a necessity for praise in prayer, praise of the beauty of God, for
man must learn to recognize and praise the beauty of God as manifested in
all His creation. In this way he impresses beauty on his soul, and he is
able to manifest it in himself, and he becomes the friend of all and is
without prejudice. For this reason the Sufi cultivates his heart. The
emblem of the Sufi is the heart between two wings, meaning that when the
heart is cultivated man can soar up into the heights of heaven.


If one asks why God should create beings in order that they should sing His
own praise, the answer is that God does not wish to receive praise. The
praise of God is prescription for man, in order that by this prescription
man can come to that understanding which brings him nearer to God. In other
words, by praising God man completes the action in which lies the
fulfillment of the soul’s purpose in coming on earth.


Truly we can never praise Him enough; never can our praise be sufficient,
but our souls are blessed with the impression of the Glory of God whenever
we praise Him. The soul could praise God every moment and yet, wanting to
praise Him yet more, it is constantly hungering and thirsting to find the
Beauty and Perfection of God. By the praise of God the soul is filled with
bliss; even to utter the name of God is a blessing that can fill the soul
with light, joy and happiness as nothing else can do.



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