Frightened like the rest of the world

November 8, 2013 Comments Off on Frightened like the rest of the world

If one single human being understands radically the problem of fear and  resolves it, not tomorrow or some other day but instantly, he affects the  whole consciousness of mankind. That is a fact. As we have said, your  consciousness is not your private property; it is the result of time, of  thousands of incidents, experiences, that are put together by thought. That  consciousness is in constant movement. It is like a stream, a vast river of  which you are a part. So there is no particularization; and if you go into  it very deeply, there is no individuality. You may not like that, but look  at it. Individual means an entity who is undivided, indivisible, who is not  fragmented, who is not broken up but is a whole being. But most of us,  unfortunately, are fragmented, broken up, divided, like the rest of the  world—unhappy, concerned, confused, miserable, aching, frightened.
– Krishnamurti, Total Freedom,  p 302


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