When man is separated from God

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When man is separated from God in his thought, his belief is of no use, his
worship is of little use.

Bowl of Saki, October 23, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

God and man are like the two ends of one line. When a believer in God
conceives of God as a separate entity and of man as a being separate from
Him, he makes himself an exile, an exile from the kingdom of God. He holds
fast to the form of God created by himself, and he does not reach the
Spirit of God. However good and virtuous he has been in life, however
religious in his actions, he has not fulfilled the purpose of his life. …

Those who think that God is not outside but only within are as wrong as
those who believe that God is not within but only outside. In fact God is
both inside and outside, but it is very necessary to begin by believing in
that God outside. From our childhood we have learned everything outside. We
learn what the eye is by looking at the eyes of others; everything we see
in ourselves we have always learned from outside.

So even in order to learn to see God we must begin by seeing God outside:
as the Creator, the Judge, the Knower of all things, the forgiver; and when
we have understood Him better, the next step is that the God that we have
always seen outside we now also find within, and that completes our
worship. If we have only found Him outside then we are His worshippers, but
we remain separate from him and there is no communion, which is the purpose
of life.



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