Our thoughts have prepared us

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Our thoughts have prepared us for the happiness or unhappiness we

Bowl of Saki, November 11, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

In point of fact, whatever one makes of oneself, one becomes that. The
source of happiness or unhappiness is all in man, himself. When he is
unaware of this, he is not able to arrange his life. As he becomes more
acquainted with this secret, he gains mastery. The process by which this
mastery is attained is the only fulfillment of the purpose of this life.


‘The present is the reflection of the past, and the future is the re-echo
of the present.’ Destiny is not what is already made; destiny is what we
are making. Very often fatalists think that we are in the hands of destiny,
driven in whatever direction in life destiny wills; but in point of fact we
are the masters of our destiny, especially from the moment we begin to
realize this fact. … Man is responsible for his success and failure, for
his rise and fall. And it is man who brings these about either knowingly or


A person thinks, ‘Some day I should like to build a factory.’ At this time
he has no money, no knowledge, no capability; but a thought came, ‘Some day
I should like to build a factory.’ Then he thinks of something else.
Perhaps years pass, but that thought has been working constantly through a
thousand minds, and a thousand sources prepare for him that which he once
desired. If we could look back to all we have thought of at different
times, we would find that the line of fate or destiny, Kismet as it is
called in the East, is formed by our thought. Thoughts have prepared for us
that happiness or unhappiness which we experience. The whole of mysticism
is founded on this.



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