When the mind and body are restless

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When the mind and body are restless, nothing in life can be accomplished.
Success is the result of control.

Bowl of Saki, November 12, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

When a person allows himself to be disturbed, that shows that his
concentration is not good. And if his concentration is not good, that shows
that his will power fails him. The best way, therefore, to protect oneself
from disturbance is to develop the power of concentration, so that the will
power develops naturally and one is able to withstand all the disturbances
which arise when one has to live in the midst of the crowd.


Independence is achieved by indifference. It does not mean that one should
take no heed of what anyone does or says; it only means one should
discriminate between important and unimportant things of everyday life;
that every necessary and unnecessary thing should not demand so much of
one’s attention, thought, and feeling. Political economy has become a
subject of education, but spiritual economy is the main thing in religion.
All one says and does and all that one thinks and feels puts a certain
strain upon one’s spirit. It is wise to avoid every risk of losing one’s
equilibrium. One must stand peacefully but firmly before all influences
that disturb one’s life. The natural inclination is to answer in defense to
every offense that comes from outside, but in that way one loses one’s
equilibrium. Self-control, therefore, is the key to all success and


Another sign of progress is that, at times, one begins to feel peaceful.
This may increase so much that a restful feeling comes in the heart. One
might be in the solitude, but even if one is in a crowd, one still feels
restful. Life in the world is most exciting; it has a tiring effect upon a
sensitive person. When one is restless, the conditions in life can make one
experience the greatest discomfort, for there is no greater pain than
restlessness. If there is any remedy for the lack of peace, it is spiritual
progress. Once peace is developed in a soul, that soul feels such a great
power and has such a great influence upon those who approach it and upon
all upsetting conditions and jarring influences coming from all sides. Just
as water makes the dust settle down, so all jarring influences settle down
under the feet of the peaceful.



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