The message of God is like a spring of water

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The message of God is like a spring of water: it rises and falls, and makes
its way by itself.

Bowl of Saki, November 16, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The key to the secret of the messenger is given in the Bible, but very few
will ponder upon it and reason it out for themselves. The key is in the
words, ‘I am Alpha and Omega’, ‘I am the first and the last.’ Can that
mean, ‘I came only for a time, and then I was called Jesus, and only then
did I give a message: I spoke neither before nor after that time’? Alpha
and Omega means First and Last; always, continually present; never absent
from the beginning of creation to the end. … God is seen in the one who
glorifies Him. But if our hearts are closed, even if we wait for a thousand
years for the messenger to show himself, we shall never find him. …  the
message is like a spring of water: it rises and falls and makes its way by
itself, so that no one can make an imitation of it. If the message is true,
it will always make its way to the end of the world. It is always so with
the message of God.

But those who wait, may wait. It is their destiny to wait, and one cannot
help them. They waited while Jesus Christ came and went, and they still
wait and will wait for ever. And yet he has always come; to the *.txtindividual,
to the multitude, to the nation, to the race. He came, and spoke to the
whole world; but did he come with drums and trumpets? No, he came in the
humblest guise, in the most unassuming manner; as our brother, our servant,
our friend, our equal. Man, because of his devotion, has called him Lord;
but he said, ‘Call me not good. I am like unto you.’ It is not his absence
that keeps man in ignorance; it is man’s own closed eyes. The Master has
always been present, but man knew him not.


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