Secret of Unaffectedness

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Life is a continuous interaction between the individual and the world around. The objects keep on changing, and the person who observes the changes remains the same. But these changes cause conflicts and feeling of distress. The interactions bring such unbearable sorrow that one is unable to proceed with the interactions any longer!

The remedy is to negate these in the inner realm of the body, not outside. In spite of whatever that comes to pass in the world outside, the mind should find a path to assimilate all these. This path is to be opened. And only truthful instruction can bring this about. This is what Uddhava is seeking from Krishna. Is not this kind of seeking relevant to one and all? It is through such discussions that our shastras and our puranas become the treasure of eternal messages. This is the unequalled greatness of our country, Bharat.

When people everywhere are being scorched in the frying pot of many kinds of desires, delusions, confusions, discouragements, fears, conflicts and so on, how does a person live in their midst untouched by all these, like an unconcerned tusker lying in the cool Ganga waters? Is it the external opulence that is seen in this? How did he gain this inner greatness at such a young age?

He has a deep inner depth, inner expanse, inner brilliance. He experiences fully the awareness that his inner realm is the Atma the Soul. Hence in whatever he sees or hears that infinitude prevails. No one can therefore brush away the Muni as trivial.

It is the lustre of the experiential knowledge of the Soul that abounds in him. Because of his austerity of abidance in Brahman he is brilliantly powerful. No one can surpass him or keep him hidden. Bereft of all possessions, he may have no means even for a vessel or anything else for receiving food. The only receptacle – in place of our usual plate and glass – is his belly. He has absolutely no possessions or sense of wants!

The water on the surface of earth becomes vapour and rises into the atmosphere on contact with sunlight. At the end of summer, when the rainy season begins, all that moisture returns to earth as rain. We may say that it is the Sun that does this “taking and returning” process. But the Sun has no pride, or ownership or attachment or abandonment in this. This is a cyclic process just like the seasons occurring due to the motions of rotation and revolution of the earth.

This is how a yogi too should be conducting his life. He accepts whatever is needed for the body, from anybody. Similarly, according to their quests and needs, gives advice and instructions on dharma and Spiritual truths, to those who approach him. The first is ‘taking in’ and the other constitutes ‘leaving’. This should be considered as nothing more than a scheme of Prakriti. This kind of loka-sangraha is being done naturally and joyously by the noble Yogis and spiritual Knowers.

This world is perishable. Anything perishable cannot exist continuously. But the world appears to exist continuously. So there must be a basis which is imperishable, for the perishable to exist. That is revealed continuously by the feeling ‘I’ in us.

Our life is to attain purity of the mind and express the brilliance of the Soul, and in the light of that, become self-fulfilled and unaffected, and live blessing the world. Some people will always be found eagerly seeking the association of such Mahatmas who are compassionate Jeevanmuktas. It is to provide an opportunity to such seekers that the ascetic sannyasins and avadhootas move about among the people.  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [Excerpt from the book “Krishna as 24 teachers” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha] (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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