The soul of all is one soul

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The soul of all is one soul, and the truth is one truth, under whatever
religion it is hidden.

Bowl of Saki, November 18, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

With all the opposition to the Master at the time when the [chief priests]
demanded his crucifixion, did those who were present sincerely think the
Master was guilty? No, each one of them was more or less impressed by the
truth of the message, yet torn by convention and custom, bound by laws,
held fast by the religious authority that was in power. They could not
express their sincere feelings, and so law governed instead of love. And
this state of things has existed in all ages. Blinded by conventions and by
the laws of his time and the customs of his people, man has ignored and
opposed the truth. Yet at the same time the truth has never failed to make
its impression upon the soul, because the soul of all is one soul, and
truth is one truth under whatever religion it is hidden.

In reality there cannot be many religions; there is only one. There cannot
be two truths; there cannot be two masters. As there is only one God and
one religion, there is one master and there is one truth. And the weakness
of man has been that only what he is accustomed to consider as truth he
takes to be truth, and anything he has not been accustomed to hear or think
frightens him. Just like a person in a strange land, away from home, the
soul is a stranger to the nature of things it is not accustomed to. But the
journey to perfection means rising above limitations, rising so high that
not only the horizon of one country, of one continent, is seen, but that of
the whole world. The higher we rise, the wider becomes the horizon of our

If we come face to face with truth, it is one and the same. One may look at
it from the Christian, from the Buddhist, or from the Hindu point of view,
but in reality it is one point of view. One can either be small or large,
either be false or true, either not know or know. As long as a person says,
‘When I look at the horizon from the top of the mountain I become dizzy.
This immensity of space frightens me,’ he should not look at it. But if it
does not make one dizzy it is a great joy to look at life from above. And
from that position a Christian, Jew, Muslim and Buddhist will all see the
same immensity. It is not limited to those of any one faith or creed.
Gradually, as they unfold themselves and give proof of their response to
the immensity of the knowledge, they are asked to go forward, face to face
with their Lord.


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