What is this fear?

November 25, 2013 Comments Off on What is this fear?

Why are you, why is anybody, afraid? Is it based on not wanting to be hurt? Or is it that one wants complete security, and not being able to find it – this sense of complete safety, of protection, physically, emotionally, psychologically – one becomes terribly anxious about living? – so there is this sense of uncertainty. Now why is there fear? You have been hurt, haven’t you? And out of that hurt you do all kinds of things. We resist a great deal, we don’t want to be disturbed; out of that feeling of hurt we cling to something which we hope will protect us. Therefore we become aggressive towards anything that attacks what we are holding on to for protection. As a human being sitting here, wanting to resolve this problem of fear what is it that you are frightened of? – Krishnamurti, Saanen, 7 August 1971


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