A True House

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A house is a residence for our bodies to live. While living in it you should not forget the fact that our body itself is a house built by the Lord. And in the house called the body, the Lord dwells constantly. It is He who empowers our body to do all its work, including house-building.

Where then should be the greater emphasis? A true house is thus one that reminds us always of the indwelling Lord, the Presence within the body. The house should give you a constant reminder to live like the ancient Shabari who was living only to see Rama. The residence should inspire and inculcate the Shabari austerity and tradition.

Set up your house in such a style and sublimity that the thoughts and reflections on the Lord within the body will be encouraged, deepened and perpetuated. It is really an art and a subtle process. For all those who live there, as also for the new arrivals, the whole look and atmosphere must be such as to make their minds and intelligence soar high into Lordly reflections.

Have some routines for this purpose. Begin the day with some suitable sights, sounds and thoughts to remind you of the Lord. Consider cooking, eating, moving about, sleeping, as activities taking place in the Lord’s abode. Offer every action, small or big, to the Supreme. This process will bring greater and greater sublimation in your life and activities.

We miss God in His world. Think of the trees and plants – how unerringly, seasonally, and profusely they blossom and bear fruits. And none of these is for their own use. They are for the welfare of others.

If insentient, immobile creation can be so regular and grateful in their responses and functions, can we not be at least alike, if not more, in our reactions and gratitude to the Creator?  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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