Relevance of Bhagavadgeeta

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Bhagavadgeeta is present before us as a sovereign response of the Soul of man to the crisis of emotions the mind poses and the recurring questions the intelligence raises, when life’s course begins to stifle man beyond measure. Bhagavadgeeta describes the inevitable but grand outcome of the adventure man is led to in the hands of his own complex mind.
Life on the earth is, at its best, beautiful and harmonious; but at its worst it can and will be the other extreme as well. Unless the great impersonality of the Soul is struck, man will not be able to withstand and survive the challenges and vicissitudes, preserving peace and poise for himself and extending welfare to others.
Can such an inward potent treasure be valid and useful in all contexts of external life? Will men and women in all walks of life be able to generate practical vision and views from such a great impersonal possession? Can the benefits derived relate themselves amply to the facts and compulsions of life? How should one seek, either as a significant quest or as an imperative measure of practical relief, such a unique enrichment? Bhagavadgeeta holds lasting answers to all these questions and even more!
The discussions of Bhagavadgeeta when properly viewed, cannot be any sudden emergence. Their genesis lies far deeper, taking us back to the Vedic and post-Vedic thoughts of the land. Vedic thinkers were no doubt religious, but only for a short time in the beginning. Very soon their temperament grew sharply analytical and philosophical to enter irresistibly into the deep spiritual realms, which engulfed their life and pursuit. The course and finale of Vedic thinking are clear to the discerning mind even today, when it glances through the great sublime literature, which is climaxed and crowned by the great Upanishads.
Bhagavadgeeta in fact reflects the extensive Vedic voyage, although it emphasizes more significantly the Upanishadic pursuit and findings. While it has a brief religious background, the foreground it builds up and presents is fully of the great Upanishads. With vigour and emphasis, the Bhagavadgeeta dialogues delineate the subtle philosophical foundations of life as also the unshakable edifice built firmly on them!  – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha [Excerpt from the book “Essential Concepts in Bhagavadgeeta – Vol 1” by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha] (c) Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2012


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