Joy is Light

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I am so full of joy — and yet full of fear.

Give all your energy to joy, and fear will disappear. Ignore fear, don’t pay any attention to fear, because the more attention you pay to it, the longer it will linger on. Pour yourself totally in the direction from where joy is arising, and fear will disappear just as darkness disappears when you bring light in.

Joy is light. And joy is the beginning of a great pilgrimage that ends in finding godliness. So go on – without any fear, because existence always protects those who trust it. Relax, give yourself to existence and allow the joy to overwhelm you. Let it become your wings, so that you can reach to the stars.

A joyful heart is very close to the stars.

It is only the sad and the sorrowful and the miserable who are going towards hell. They are creating their hell. The joyful and the singing and the dancing and the celebrating are creating their paradise by each of their songs, by each of their dances.

It is in your hands whether to create paradise or to fall into a darkness, into hellfire. These are not outside you; these both are within you. It all depends what you choose to be.

Choose to be divine, choose to be more and more a celebrant, choose to be festive, so more and more flowers can blossom in your being, and more and more fragrance can become available to you.

And this way will not only help you, it will help all those with whom you come in contact. Joy is as infectious as any disease. When you see a few people dancing, suddenly you feel your feet are ready. You may try to control them, because control has been taught to you, but your body wants to join the dance. Whenever you have an opportunity to laugh, join; whenever you have an opportunity to dance, join; whenever you have an opportunity to sing, sing – and one day you will find you have created your paradise.

It is not that one goes to paradise; paradise is not somewhere in the sky – it is something that one creates around himself.

It is a good beginning. With all my blessings, go deeper, in spite of any fear. Never listen to negative things, because if you listen to them they can poison you, they can destroy your joy – keep it pure, unpolluted. And here are people who will dance with you, who will celebrate, because you have taken the first step towards existence.

And I want to remind you that the first step is almost half the journey.

Osho, Joy is Light, Talk #7 – Copyright © 2013 Osho International Foundation


Self-pity is the cause of all life’s grievances.

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Self-pity is the cause of all life’s grievances.

Bowl of Saki, September 2, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

If one studies one’s surroundings one finds that those who are happy are so because they have less thought of self. If they are unhappy it is because they think of themselves too much. A person is more bearable when he thinks less of himself. And a person is unbearable when he is always thinking of himself. There are many miseries in life, but the greatest misery is self-pity.


Self-pity is the worst poverty. When a person says, ‘I am…’ with pity, before he has said anything more he has diminished himself to half of what he is; and what is said further, diminishes him totally; nothing more of him is left afterwards. There is so much in the world that we can pity and which it would be right for us to take pity upon, but if we have no time free from our own self we cannot give our mind to others in the world. Life is one long journey, and the further behind we have left our self, the further we have progressed toward the goal. Verily when the false self is lost the true self is discovered.


The heart becomes wide by forgetting self, but narrow by thinking of the self and pitying one’s self. To gain a wide and broad heart you must have something before you to look upon, and to rest your intelligence upon — and that something is the God-ideal.

~~~ “Supplementary Papers, Mysticism V”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

Love is the current coin

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Love is the current coin of all peoples in all periods.

Bowl of Saki, August 17, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Love has its time at every stage of life. As a child, as a youth, as an adult, whatever stage of life one has reached, love is always asked for and love always has its part to perform. Whatever situation we are placed in, amongst friends or foes, amongst those who understand us or amongst those who do not, in ease or in difficulty, in all places at all times, it has its part to perform. The one who thinks, ‘I must not let the principle of love have its way, I must harden myself against it’, imprisons his soul. There is only one thing in the world that shows the sign of heaven, that gives the proof of God, and that is pure, unselfish love. For all the noble qualities which are hidden in the soul will spring forth and blossom when love helps them and nurtures them. Man may have a great deal of good in him and he may be very intelligent; but as long as his heart is closed, he cannot show that nobleness, that goodness which is hidden in his heart. The psychology of the heart is such that once one begins to know it, one realizes that life is a continual phenomenon. Then every moment of life becomes a miracle; a searchlight is thrown upon human nature and all things become so clear that one does not ask for any greater phenomenon or miracle; it is a miracle in and of itself. What one calls telepathy, thought reading, or clairvoyance, and all such things, come by themselves when the heart is open.

If a person is cold and rigid, he feels within himself as if he were in a grave. He is not living, he cannot enjoy this life for he cannot express himself and he cannot see the light and life outside. What keeps man from developing the heart quality? His exacting attitude. He wants to make a business of love. He says, ‘If you will love me, I will love you.’ As soon as a man measures and weighs his favors and his services and all that he does for one whom he loves, he ceases to know what love is. Love sees the beloved and nothing else.


The great teachers and prophets, and the inspirers of humanity of all times have not become what they were by their miracles or wonder-workings; these belong to other people. The main thing that could be seen in them was their loving manner. Read the lives of the prophets. First of all see the way Jesus Christ had with all those who came to him. When sinners who were condemned and expelled by society were brought to the master, he received them with compassion. … One may ask: How to cultivate the heart quality? There is only one way: to become selfless at each step one takes forward on this path, for what prevents one from cultivating the loving quality is the thought of self. The more we think of our self the less we think of others, and as we go further the self grows to become worse and worse. In the end the self meets us as a giant which we had always fought; and now at the end of the journey the giant is the stronger. But if from the first step we take on the path of perfection we struggled and fought and conquered this giant which is the self, it could be done only by the increasing power of love.


Through motion and change

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Through motion and change, life becomes intelligible; we live a life of change, but it is constancy we seek. It is this innate desire of the soul that leads man to God.

Bowl of Saki, June 25, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Man placed in the midst of this ever-changing world yet appreciates and seeks for constancy somewhere. He does not know that he must develop the nature of constancy in himself; it is the nature of the soul to value that which is dependable. But is there anything in the world on which one can depend, which is above change and destruction? All that is born, all that is made, must one day face destruction. All that has a beginning has also an end; but if there is anything one can depend upon it is hidden in the heart of man, it is the divine spark, the true philosopher’s stone, the real gold, which is the innermost being of man.

What is this mortal world? What is this physical existence? What is this life of changes? If it were not for belief, what use is it all? Something which is changing, something which is not reliable, something which is liable to destruction. Therefore it is not only for the sake of truth, but for life itself that one must find belief in oneself, develop it, nurture it, allow it to grow every moment of one’s life, that it may culminate in faith. It is that faith which is the mystery of life, the secret of salvation.

The whole of the external life is nothing but a succession of experiences, one after the other, night and day. That is why it is called a journey. Yet there is a part of life from which this life of changes has sprung; the life which is everlasting, which is eternal, the life to which all things return; and that life is the goal. Therefore, life is not only a journey; it is a goal. The goal is the stable part of life, the source of life; the manifested life called creation is the journey.

In this way we see that there are really two journeys. There is the journey from the goal to the life in the world, and there is the journey from the life in the world to the goal. And both journeys are natural. As it is natural to go forth from the eternal goal, so it is natural to go from the changing life to the life which is unchangeable.




swami rajneesh on armageddon

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swami rajneesh on armageddon

question: what do you think about the armageddon…the collapse of the world ?
swami rajneesh:
it never happens
unconsciousness and consciousness
there is no armageddon
unconsciousness is armageddon and it already happened
you cannot kill life
forms may change…maybe…
but you cannot be killed
understand what i am saying
even if armageddon…
you cannot be scratched

but there will be no armageddon
love is too strong
the force of life
the whole power of life is too overwhelming
the power of hate…blindness…is just a little darkness…
life struggles for life

we are coming close to a certain point
the time for armageddon…the dark age…
where things are becoming so materialistic
but the whole world is slowly shifting
towards love…compassion and life
the more dangerous it gets
this whole existence starts trembling
and pulling you back slowly slowly to life

life is overwhelmingly powerful
i say it will never happen
but it is good to think it may happen
it makes you a little alert
it is always good to think there is no tomorrow
it is always good to be a little bit alert
so you do not take life for granted
you do not postpone your inner journey

if you knew that you have only six more months to live
after that armageddon
the world will come to an end
what are you going to do ?
you will start quickly meditating…finding the way out…
yes…maybe armageddon might happen
anything that helps you on the way
but i cannot foresee any future of this nature
you can breathe now

source – swami rajneesh book “yo gotta groove in”


Tolerance does not come by learning

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Tolerance does not come by learning, but by insight; by understanding that each one should be allowed to travel along the path which is suited to his temperament.

Bowl of Saki, May 25, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

The Sufi looks on all with tolerance, and knows that there is a path for everyone. The path of the lover is for him, the path of the one seeking for wealth is for him, the seeker after paradise is following his path, it is all a journey. It is simply that there are four different routes by which the journey is made. The Sufi sees the same goal at the end of each; the lover has to meet the seeker after wealth, and both have to meet the one who has done his duty. Therefore at the end of their journey there is a place where they can meet. What does it matter if one does not go by a certain path? Let each choose the way that belongs to his own temperament and tendency. Therefore the Sufi does not worry. He gives no preference to one or the other. He sees the journey of life being made along one or other of these roads. The saying of Buddha, ‘Forgive all’, comes true. Forgiveness does not come by learning, it comes by understanding that a person should be allowed to travel along that path which is suited to his temperament. As long as he is journeying with open eyes, let him journey.

The great thing is that one should journey with one single desire. There should be the single desire: whether to love a beloved, to collect wealth, or to do some good for the world of humanity, or to attain paradise. There should be the desire to journey to the goal. So many do not know which is the goal or what it is. One thinks wealth is the goal, another paradise, another the beloved. They do not see that there is still a further goal. They are naturally prompted by the desire to get to the goal, and yet they are not conscious of the further goal.

As it is said in the Bible: ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you.’




Osho – Everybody is resistant against God

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Osho – Everybody is resistant against God; Excuses may be different

Question : I realized in yesterday’s discourse that i am resisting the word `god’. My thoughts go back to an event which happened several years ago when i was caring for a very ill man in the hospital — he was dying. He had asked me to get a priest for him as he was afraid. On arrival of the priest, the ill man said, “god damn you,” directly to the priest. And the priest walked away, and said to me, “he isn’t worth it.” i told the priest, “this man is very ill and the words he uses, he know not.” the priest still refused to help him. Since that day i have not gone into a church. I know god is within me. What is the resistance then? Please help me.

Osho : The word `God’ is not God. The word `love’ is not love. The word `fire’ is not fire. So the first thing is to remember: don’t get attached too much to words, don’t get obsessed too much with words. Words are only symbols, indicative: use them, but don’t become burdened too much by them. If the word `god’ creates trouble, forget that word. `Allah’ will do, `Ram’ will do, `X Y Z’ — choose another word if that word has become wrongly associated. But if you start creating a resistance against God himself, against the truth itself only you will be responsible, and only you will be missing something of tremendous value. but this happens. We use language; we become so much obsessed with language that we forget that language is not the reality. In fact, one has to put language aside to see the reality.

The incident is significant. if you had become resistant against priests, there was nothing wrong in it; but that has not happened. The priest had refused to help — not God. Avoid priests, there is no problem in it — in fact, the more you avoid them, the closer you will be to God. The priest is not needed at all. He goes on propagating that he is needed; he emphasizes that without him there is no possibility for you to ever enter into the world of God — but that is HIS proposition. It is his business, it is his trade secret, he has to create this atmosphere. Otherwise, no medium is needed; God is immediately available.

But of course, priests have made a great business — the greatest ever — and they ideal in such a commodity which is invisible, so you can never prove whether they deliver or not. The commodity itself is invisible. It is a beautiful game.

I have heard… “What’s the little boy crying about?” the kind old lady asked the ragged urchin.
“That other kid swiped his candy,” he replied.
“But how is it that you have the candy now?”
“Sure, I got the candy now,” replied the urchin. “I’m the kids lawyer.”

You get it? The priest is going to exploit you; he becomes your lawyer, he becomes you agent. He himself is completely unaware of God — otherwise he would not be a priest; he would have been a prophet, not a priest at all. `Priest’ is an ugly word: one who is using religion as a business and exploiting people in the name of God. The prophet is one who helps you to be transformed, transfigured. The prophet is not so much concerned with God as he is concerned with you, your reality. Once your reality starts manifesting you will know what God is — because you are God in seed. We can completely forget about God: Buddha never talked about it, Mahavira never talked about it. Yet Buddha helped tremendously. He insisted: God is not the question, God is not the quest; the quest is your innermost being. A prophet is concerned with your being. If your being flowers, blooms, in the fragrance you will know what god is. There is no other way.

By prayer, by the temple, by the church, by the ritual, tradition, you are not going to get anywhere; only the priest will go on becoming richer and richer. And his investment becomes so big that the priest and the politician join together in exploiting people. That is the greatest conspiracy: down the centuries, the priests and the politicians have always joined hands together. They are the greatest culprits. Jesus was crucified because he was not a priest. He started behaving like a prophet, priests are afraid — because he is going to destroy the whole business. Jesus was crucified because of the priests; the priests were behind the whole scene. No prophet is ever tolerated by priest — cannot be tolerated; it is dangerous.

So if you incident had helped you to become aware of priest, it was good. But somehow your association went wrong. Don’t go to a church, there is no need; God is everywhere. Don’t go to a priest, there is no need; God is available to you — directly, immediately. But if you have a resistance to the word `god’ itself, that will become a barrier. That will prohibit you; that won’t allow you to flow towards the infinite. and there is no reason — because God has not done anything. The priest turned away, but do you know that God turned away? God has never turned away from anybody. In fact, because the priest turned away, God may have looked and cared for the dying man more — because there was no other help. When a man is helpless, God simply starts flowing towards him. In tremendous helplessness you become receptive. When the man was completely helpless, and the priest turned away, and the man dying and death is enclosing upon him — in that helplessness he must have made a contact; you cannot see it from the outside.

Be against the priest. But there is no need, it is not warranted at all, that you say, I know God is within me. You don’t know, you know it not at all. You have heard it. You have heard me say it, you have heard Jesus saying it — “God is within you” — but you don’t know it at all. Because once you know it, then there is no problem; knowing that `God is within me’, immediately God is without too. The moment you know a single ray of the divine penetrating you, you have come to know all that is there to be known, it becomes known, the without is known. The without known, it become known in the within too — because within and without are not two separate things, they are two aspects of the same energy.

Now, this thinking that `God is within me’ may again be a trick of your resistance, because you don’t want to see God out there. You are against it, because somewhere deep down in your mind you feel that if God is there then you will need a mediator, then you will need somebody to guide you there. If God is without, somewhere up in heaven, then somebody will be needed to guide you. Alone, you will not be able to find him, where he is. So you say, “God is within me” — now there is no need for the priest. You are saying it just to avoid the priest — but you don’t know it.

God is all. The distinction between within and without is false. Without and within are on; it is one reality, from one corner to another. It is not two, it is not dual, so don’t divide it.

I have heard… When Xerxes stood on the shore with his army and looked across the Hellespont, he asked himself, “How can I get my men across?” He commanded his generals to build him a bridge of boats, and they obeyed. But a storm came up and smashed his bridge into driftwood. In a towering rage, he ordered the execution of the overseers who had directed the work. But that was not enough to satisfy him as he was really in a great rage, almost mad. So he ordered his slaves to administer three hundred lashes to the sea.

Now this is foolish — three hundred lashes to the sea. But this how mind works; our mind is very childish. Have you not seen a small child? — he hurts himself against the door or against the furniture and then he beats the furniture. As if the furniture is the enemy, as if the furniture has done something to him. He may have stumbled himself, but he feels the chair is responsible. This childish attitude continues. People become senile, but their childish attitude never changes.

Now, a priest misbehaved. If you are a little reasonable…. First thing: if one priest has misbehaved, that does not mean all priests are wrong. Second thing: the priest has misbehaved, not God. Third thing: you don’t know what happened to that dying man in his innermost core of being.

Don’t be in such a hurry to make conclusions. A wise man never concludes so easily, because all conclusions make your mind closed. We don’t know enough; conclusions are dangerous. A conclusion is right only when you have known all. The greatest wise men of the world have said they know nothing, so how can we conclude? And whatsoever we know is so small, so tiny… as if you have read one line in the Bible, and the whole Bible has not been read by you, and from that one line you conclude something. It will be foolish; it is not wise.

You ask, “What is the resistance then?” I don’t think that the resistance depends on this incident. In fact, everybody is resistant against God; excuses may be different. This story is an excuse — because it is unreasonable to be resistant to God only because of this incident. So this must be an excuse. You wanted the resistance — this story simply supplied you an argument, an excuse.

Everybody is resistant against God — why? Because if you want to know God, you have to disappear: that is the resistance. You have to die if God is to live in you. You have to disappear utterly, totally; you have to be vacant, you have to empty yourself. Only in you void can God descend; when you are too much, he cannot enter in you. Your cup is too full of yourself. This cup has to be emptied — that’s the resistance.

Don’t pay much attention to excuses — they are meaningless. Behind the excuses the real problem hides. The real problem is: to become religious, one has to deny oneself — that is the only sacrifice needed. The ego has to be dropped. The mind has to cease for the God to be — and of course, then there is resistance.

So drop this incident. This has nothing to do…. In fact, it is very rarely that I come across a person who is not resistant, who is not deep down fighting with God. It is natural; try to understand it. We want to remain our own selves: God is the greatest danger. Hence, people go to the priest. They could have walked directly to God, but they go to the priest — because they don’t really want to go to God. The priest protects them from God. They go to the scripture, because the scripture is dead and you cannot find an alive God in scripture. This is a way to avoid.

People don’t go to a living Master, because to go to a living Master means jumping into the fire. You will disappear — but only through that disappearance God appears.

To be really religious is to commit suicide. And I mean it — when I say suicide, I meant it — suicide. When a person kills himself, that is not suicide; just the body changes — he will be born again. That is just a change of the body, change of the clothes, change of the abode. But when a man simply drops his ego, he has committed real suicide, authentic suicide; now he will be coming no more. Now there will be no need for him to have another abode in this world of misery, in this world of darkness, in this world which is almost a hell. He will not be coming again. Ego dropped, you journey is finished; you have learned the lesson. That’s the resistance.

So please forget about this excuse. Otherwise you will continuously think about this excuse — and that is no the true cause.

Source – Osho Book “The Divine Melody”

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