The search for security

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Throughout the world human beings are always seeking security, both  physiological and psychological. Physical security is denied when  psychological security—which does not really exist—is sought in various  forms of illusion and in divisive beliefs, dogmas, religious sanctions and  so on. When there are these psychological divisions, there must inevitably  be physiological division with all its conflicts, wars, and the suffering  and the tragedy and the inhumanity of man to man. – Krishnamurti, The  Wholeness of Life,  p150


Does thought give security?

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So does thought fundamentally, basically, give security, psychologically?  Thought has its place; but when thought assumes that it can bring about  psychological security then it is living in illusion. Thought wanting  ultimate security has created a thing called god; and humanity clings to  that idea. Thought can create every kind of romantic illusion. And when the  mind, psychologically, seeks security in the dogma of the Church, or some  other dogmatic assertion, or whatever it is, it is seeking security in the  structure of thought.
Thought is the response of experience and knowledge, stored up in the brain  as memory; that response is therefore always moving from the past. Now, is  there security in the past?   – Krishnamurti, The Wholeness of Life, p 160

What is this fear?

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Why are you, why is anybody, afraid? Is it based on not wanting to be hurt? Or is it that one wants complete security, and not being able to find it – this sense of complete safety, of protection, physically, emotionally, psychologically – one becomes terribly anxious about living? – so there is this sense of uncertainty. Now why is there fear? You have been hurt, haven’t you? And out of that hurt you do all kinds of things. We resist a great deal, we don’t want to be disturbed; out of that feeling of hurt we cling to something which we hope will protect us. Therefore we become aggressive towards anything that attacks what we are holding on to for protection. As a human being sitting here, wanting to resolve this problem of fear what is it that you are frightened of? – Krishnamurti, Saanen, 7 August 1971

The Nature Of God Siva

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The most important teaching of God Siva is that He has three perfections. He is not only timeless, formless and spaceless. That Absolute Reality, Parasiva, is but one of God Siva’s perfections. He also has an all-pervasive form which flows through all things–Satchidananda. He pervades all form. There is no place that Siva is not. And He has yet another perfection, which is a golden body of light in the Third World, a perfect body in which He is our Lord and Creator, the most wonderful and loving and perfect Being we can imagine. In the temple, when we invoke God Siva, He comes in this golden body of light and blesses the people. He can see you. He can hear your prayers. He has created all the souls on this planet and all other planets in our universe, our holy scriptures tell us. God Siva is in all things and everywhere simultaneously, at every point in time. And yet, Siva as Maheshvara, the Divine Dancer, Nataraja, has a body not unlike yours or mine, a body in which He can talk, a body in which He can think, a body in which He can see you and you can see Him, a body with legs, a body with arms. In this body He dances the eternal dance. I had a vision, once, of Siva Nataraja dancing. I could hear the bells on His ankles. I could see His feet and legs. He is a beautiful dancer, and He dances in the Third World. God Siva is so close to us. He is closer than our breathing, nearer to us than our hands or feet. Yes, He is the very essence of our soul, and yet He has a body just like ours that lives in the Third World. In this body of light He can come into the inner sanctum of the temple, and He can look at us, and we can feel His shakti, His power and presence. He is our great God, the ruler of this universe. Sometimes we hear the misconception that if you worship God Siva He will take everything away from you. That is not true. That is anti-Saivite propaganda. It is not true at all. God Siva gives you everything, because He is the universal God described in the Vedas as the Life of your life. This unfavorable propaganda, which exists primarily in the north of India, but elsewhere, too, postulates that Siva is only Rudra, the Destroyer. It makes people afraid of Siva. There is never a reason to fear Siva. He is a God of love, of compassion for all He has created. Nothing has ever been destroyed by God Siva but that He creates, constantly changes the form of and absorbs back to Himself His creations. For is not the ultimate absorption, after eons of time, the ultimate destruction of what was once created? This is the goal, is it not, for all to merge in oneness with our God Siva? We are not destroyed by doing this. We are fulfilled! He does not take anything away from us, but that which would harm us. God Siva takes from us greed and gives abundance. God Siva takes from us lust and gives contentment. God Siva takes from us anger and gives love. God Siva takes from us jealousy and gives self-confidence and security. God Siva is an ever-fulfilling God.from: Lesson 311 from Living with Siva- By Sathguru Sivaya subramuniya Swami

Why do we accumulate?

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It seems to me that our many problems can never be solved until we approach them as an integral part of the totality of existence. We cannot understand the totality of existence as long as we break it up into compartments, as we are doing now. The difficulty is that our problems are so intense, so immediate, that we get caught in them; and not to be caught in them, the mind must begin to be aware of its own process of accumulation, by which it gains a sense of security for itself. After all, why do we accumulate property, money, position, knowledge, and so on? Obviously, because it gives us a sense of security. You may not have much property or money, but if you have knowledge, it gives you a feeling of security. It is only to the man who has no sense of security of any kind that the new is revealed because he is not concerned about himself and his achievements. – Jkrishnamurti,Hamburg 1956,Talk 4

This sense of flowering

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Will security, biological or psychological, give you this sense of flowering?
JKrishnamurti: Look, my friend. You can see, as you grow older, that very few people are happy; there is too much pressure, competition, a thousand people after one job, there is overpopulation. Everything in the world is becoming more and more dangerous. You understand? And, when you observe all this, what is your response? Student: I can see my parents getting older, they are running around without any need to, because there is a fear of looking at all that. Krishnamurti: So you are saying that most people in the world are seeking physical security and perhaps, psychological security. Will security, biological or psychological, give you this sense of flowering? You understand? – Inward Flowering,5,”Freedom, Love and Action”

The Major Cause of Violence

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The major cause of violence, I think, is that each one of us is inwardly, psychologically, seeking security. In each one of us the urge for psychological security—that inward sense of being safe—projects the demand, the outward demand, for security. Inwardly each one of us wants to be secure, sure, certain. That is why we have all these marriage laws; in order that we may possess a woman, or a man, and so be secure in our relationship. If that relationship is attacked we become violent, which is the psychological demand, the inward demand, to be certain of our relationship to everything. But there is no such thing as certainty, security, in any relationship. Inwardly, psychologically, we should like to be secure, but there is no such thing as permanent security….

So all these are the contributory causes of the violence that is prevalent, rampaging, throughout the world. I think anybody who has observed, even if only a little, what is going on in the world, and especially in this unfortunate country, can also, without a great deal of intellectual study, observe and find out in himself those things which, projected outwardly, are the causes of this extraordinary brutality, callousness, indifference, violence.
– JKrishnamurti, from:The Book of Life – June 27

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