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When you speak of non-duality, is not the idea of duality implied?


But in the realm of Pure Consciousness, if you say ”Maya

exists”, so it does ; and if you say “there is no such thing as Maya”,

it is equally correct; for nothing can be excluded.


Non-duality, which cannot be conceived of, is as true as that which one is capable of

conceiving. For all is THAT, and where THAT is, there is no

contradiction. The false as such must vanish. How can one speak of advaita

and include individuals, the world? Since there is non-duality, can

there still be individuals, can there still be the world?


In that state, where do these find a place?


Where exclusively Oneness is, how can there be room left for ‘two’? Furthermore, is it not said:

“Wherever a man is, there is Siva, and wherever a woman, there is Gauri

(Gauri = Consort of Lord Siva).”


From this point of view you should now try to ponder over all this.


Nevertheless, whatever anyone may say from any standpoint, everything is right, nothing can be

outside of THAT. Whether you say there is or there is not the appearance

of Maya – actually speech cannot express it.


Using words or not, seeing or failing to see, is merely a matter of angles of vision.


On the other hand, where THAT is, there can be no angles of vision.

Problems are born through want of knowledge, due to the veil of

ignorance. Until one is established in one’s own Essential Being (

Svarupa), it is natural that queries should arise.


In the realm of phenomena there is much differentiation, such as ‘above’ and ‘below’.

But There – what is and what is not?


Words of Anandamayee Ma


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